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male from , South Africa flag
HI THERE?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????? ??...
female from , United States flag
Rolling Eyes hmm hi? i just got out of a bad relationship.. im looking for new kinds of stuffs that will give me interest... msg me back if your interested... ...
female from , United States flag
erwerwerawer908awe098agoaisdgjohasd glaksdgjlaksdjglkjasldgkjalskdjglka jsdlgkjasldkjglkajsdglkjasldkgjlasj dlgkjasdlgjalsdkjglaksjdglkjasdlgkj alsdkjglakjsdglkjalskdjglaksjdgljas ldkgj...
male from , United States flag
I am a mature 57 yrs./ 5'8"/reddish grey/blue/130/slender build. I am a submissive oral bottom looking for dom/master to serve. I am willing to learn what it takes to please you....
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